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Monday, November 17, 2008

Article Marketing for Beginners : Key Points to Cover

4 Key Points to Cover When Writing Your Article

Article writing should be part of any mix in the traffic building strategy of any internet marketing program. Articles have the benefit of driving traffic of qualified motivated visitors to your site if you offer quality information that offers a solution to their problem. This will have a direct bearing on how the search engines rank your site and your rank will determine the volume of visitors you will draw to see what your site has to offer.

Writing your article requires some research and careful attention to good, solid content. It also requires that you cover key points to ensure that your readers finds you and stays with you for the present and well into the future.

Quality Content

Your first and most important step is to commit to your reader and his/her underlying need or problem. The reader should be finding what they are looking for in the content of your article and should take away the satisfaction of a solution that will make his or her life easier. What you want to get on your end is not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty. You want that visitor to look to you as trusted resource to whom they can return anytime they need information or a product that will satisfy a need.

Write for your audience and write using content that has substance. Use a natural style that reflects your personality and natural approach to people. Be who you are and that will translate into a comfortable tone and style that makes you a non threatening and trusted source of information. Proper grammar, correct syntax and well structured sentences are a given. If the article calls for it include facts, figures, statistics, charts and any kind of visual imagery to prove your points. All of this will establish your authority and grow confidence in your internet marketing program.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Your article should be very clear as to the purpose and intent of your product, service or solution. Keywords and keyword phrases play an important role in showing you know what you are talking about and are offering a solution. Your reader will be typing those keywords and keyword phrases when they set about looking for the product or service to help them with a need they have. So your article should use these keywords and relate directly to the purpose of your Web site. Each page of your Web site has to be keyword or keyword phrase driven. That helps your reader find what they are looking for. Your article should point them there with keywords and keyword phrases linked to the page with the solution.

Keyword Density
Keyword density refers to the use of keywords and keyword phrases in the copy of your article. The presence of these keywords and keyword phrases allows for the search engines to find in your articles markers that will rank your article and put it in front of a Web visitor who is looking for that information. If someone is looking for copyrighting information and your article has the right density of that term in its title or paragraph content, chances are that reader will find you in the search results and click to read your content.

How often you use the keywords and keyword phrases is a matter of judgment. Over use of keywords or keyword phrases will look like a spam message and turn off your reader and the search engine. Too little use and you will not be found in the search process. A rule of thumb is 2-3 keywords per 500 words of content. Something in the title of the article, maybe two mentions in the body of the text. The main point is to use your keyword density wisely and you will reap the benefit of increased authority and trust.

Article Signature
Articles are obviously posted in blogs and newsletters but they are also submitted to article directories for more general distribution. This allows for you to get widespread recognition throughout the Web and increase your reach and potentially increase your traffic. It is a great way to establish affiliate marketing program and brand yourself as an expert.

One thing to bear in mind is that article distributors and directories are becoming more strict about writing original material and about self promotion. An increasing number will not allow any material you may have bought from an article reseller. Many do not allow any mention of affiliate marketing or affiliate links in the body of the content. So you will not be allowed to use anchor text to cross sell an affiliate product. You can still have keywords and keyword phrases but you simply cannot link to an affiliate site. This leads to the following point.

There is one area where directories still allow links to appear and that is in the signature or biography box where you present information about yourself. This is where you can put links, usually no more than two, to your affiliate product or service. Now again, some directories will not allow a raw affiliate link. They will allow a link to a site you own. So you can link to your own site or sites and simply forward to an affiliate site from there. That is why it is important you write a signature for your articles that will link to your solution based site. That is what sends you traffic and grow your internet marketing program.

These are four important elements to cover and understand as you design your article marketing plan for your affiliate marketing business. Master these and you will see results in the growth of traffic to your site and growth in profits in your bank account.
May Your Travels Be Prosperous.

Over the past 20 years Claude Pelanne has worked in a series of startup ventures including some of the first commercial webcasts. He is an internet marketer and serial entrepreneur. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you
include this resource box. For tips and resources to get into internet marketing visit http://

About the Author
Over the past 20 years Claude Pelanne has worked in a series of startup ventures including some of the first commercial webcasts. He is an internet marketer and serial entrepreneur. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include the resource box. For tips and resources to get into internet marketing visit cpelanne or claudepelanne

The obstacles on the way of affiliate marketing

There are a few online companies which think that people would easily get attracted towards their newly launched online products and services. This is the most common and dangerous mistake often done by many new companies. That is why many new potential online companies get disappeared within a few months of their marketing ventures. Never let your online company trumble in this way. It is sure that your dreams will break into pieces. Use every possible efforts to save and accelerate your online company. Take it that affiliate marketing is not every one's cup of tea.There are only a few companies which have been successful in stabilizing their affiliate marketing jobs. Those online companies which have hired good and branded affiliate marketing companies only able to keep themselves stand out of the rest. These affiliate marketing companies took years to reach to the place where they are at present. Nothing comes to you without proper dedication. Give your dedication towards your planning for affiliate marketing and soon reap the benefits out of it.

It is very true that affiliates are the gateways for generating leads or sales. It is because of this popular reason that many online companies strive forward to make their affilaite marketing programs to be the most attractive. There seems nothing wrong in hiring a good affiliate marketing company for getting your work done easily. There are affiliate marketing companies which can help you out with all kinds of resources that are required to run your online businesses. Try out a good affiliate marketing company and see the difference.

These days we can easily find many affiliate marketing companies in the online market. These affiliate marketing companies are upgraded with new boosting effects that can rank your online company in the highest position. There is no least doubt that your online company would be able to generate highest number of leads in a short span of time. Time and money are the most important factors which are necessary for any online company. These two factors are duely respected by all good affiliate marketing companies.

About the AuthorAuthor: Aisha Danna is an expert in Internet Marketing, working with epurplemedia, an online marketing company dedicated to provide service on affiliate marketing, SEO, search engine optimisation.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Mailing List Tips

Affiliate marketing mailing list tips - Are you an affiliate marketer who desires to create a good living from bringing your prospective clients to other companies' products or services for hefty commissions? If so, then establishing your very own mailing list is a wise item to consider.

Building your mailing list of eager clients can be one of the best moves you will ever make. This is time and effort worth spending. If you establish joint ventures on a new product or service, whether it is yours or not, your mailing list can cover lots of ground.

It is true that countless online marketers (over 90%, in fact) fail to make money from affiliate marketing mailing lists tips like you are finding here. This often occurs from continually placing the same level of focus upon ineffective strategies.

Through today's affiliate marketing mailing list tips, you realize that having your own mailing list is not the only workable affiliate marketing strategy. You can procure affiliate sales rapidly (even within a few hours after sending a broadcast e-mail) when your client list is large plus targeted. This is often true, because owning your own mailing list for you to endorse products and services to is one of the fastest results producing methods.

So, do you want to be that one affiliate marketer who soars above the pack of common everyday affiliates? Then, be that rare one who possesses vast, targeted prospective clients who trust in you.

And, speaking of building trust... how effective can these affiliate marketing mailing list tips be without at least mentioning one or two of the greatest ways to get total strangers to trust and respond to your efforts online? This is an extremely important point because when you build trust, your list can grow beyond your wildest dreams. Therefore, at least do the following two things, to enhance your long-term relationships with prospective clients...

Affiliate Marketing Mailing List Tip One: Keep them regularly informed with helpful advice or suggestions on how to solve a problem they are having. Be sure that this information is totally FREE. Do not simply use your mailing list to constantly sell products to your clients. Always give them something of a gratuitous nature that also possesses significant value.

Affiliate Marketing Mailing List Tip Two: You can also build a good relationship by creating a weekly newsletter or email. This can serve you well because by providing information that has no strings attached, you automatically generate confidence from your list members. This makes them truly believe that you are reliable source of highly valuable solutions.

This also convinces prospective customers to buy from you, and when they do, it will be because you have given them comfort and reassurance via your previous actions and online behavior.
Read again carefully over all the mailing list tips you uncovered here today, and put them to work on your behalf, to stimulate online affiliate marketing sales progress.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Ken Dockins, affiliate advertising consultant at You now get killer keyword strategy, online income help, plus fresh Online Marketing Technique with these wealthy affiliate cash generating intellectual tools.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Review Of The Traffic Tips Report By Justin Michie

I recently picked up a copy of Justin Michie’s Traffic Tips Report (Free for a limited time from here). Let’s face it, getting traffic to your website or blog is a never ending challenge. But it’s a necessary challenge, because without traffic you can’t do much of anything. So you are probably – like me – always on the lookout for new traffic generation methods and as many good ways to do it as you possibly can.

The Traffic Tips Report claims to do just that. This is a recently released report from expert internet marketer Justin Michie. Being an internet marketer himself, Justin should have a good hold on traffic generation. But as with anything online I thought it was worth taking a closer look. And the results were actually quite impressive.

For starters, the report doesn’t just show you a few ways to generate website traffic, it delivers 247 unique ways to get traffic to your site. Right from the start that’s something that any website or blog owner can use. On top of that, the report is actually free! Justin is currently giving it away to anyone who wants it.

And even though it’s free, the methods outlined in this report should be able to increase your traffic significantly in just a matter of days. The great thing about this report is that it includes both free and paid traffic generation methods. So whether you are just starting out and you have time to invest but little money, or you’ve been making money online for awhile and have the money but not the time – there are plenty of ideas in here to up your traffic stats.

Just don’t let the amount of ideas in here overwhelm you – don’t try to do it all at once, pace yourself! Some of the methods will result in short term traffic and others will result in long term traffic. If you start with a few of short term and a few long term methods from this report you can give your site a quick burst of traffic right away while building long term traffic. This will help your traffic grow quickly and still sustain itself so you’ll be getting plenty of visitors month after month.

The report has been reviewed by some of the most successful and well known internet marketers. Joel Comm and Willie Crawford both highly recommended it, when Justin was charging money for it. (It had been selling at the discounted rate of $7 at Joel calls it a “really valuable resource” that all internet marketers should have. And Willie “recommends it to all of his clients and subscribers.” When you have endorsements like these you really can’t go wrong!

Another great thing about this report is that it will work for any type of niche. It doesn’t matter if you have a website on puppies or a blog about day trading. There are traffic generation methods in it that will work for everyone and every niche.

As we all know the internet is constantly evolving. To be successful, you have got to stay ahead of your competition. You can easily do this by using some of these unique marketing methods Justin has outlined. If you use just one of these methods, you could easily double the amount of traffic you are receiving. Just imagine what could happen if you use ten, fifty or all 247? You would have a traffic explosion! All from one little report.

So if you are looking for unique ways to drive more traffic to your site, you really need to look no further than the Traffic Tips Report. If you want a copy (while it’s still free) you can download it from here. It's a no brainer decision!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How To Practically Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

You have finally decided that the 9-5 day job isn't for you. You are tired of your work being undervalued and underappreciated. You would like to work when you feel you are most productive, not when some boss or manager feels it is so. You are also tired of working hard with no incentive or reward scheme in place.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for those who want to venture out on their own. The minimal risk and zero start up costs make it an attractive option to many. Affiliate marketing programs are perfect for those people who are motivated and self starters. They are also great for those who want to set their own working hours.

The internet has helped us change so many aspects of our lives. We can study and work from home with the help of a computer and high speed internet access. However, there are unfortunately lots of scammers out there ready to take either your money or your work to use for their benefit. Many of these email scam programs and work at home schemes have little hope of amounting to any kind of living.

Unfortunately, these scammers have made their way into the world of affiliate marketing as well. There are some excellent affiliate marketing programs to get involved with; the trick is how to spot the scammers.

The face and manner of the internet and affiliate marketing is constantly changing. This makes it very difficult to produce a definitive list of do's and don'ts. However, there are some signs that one can look for. If your company displays any of these signs it does not mean for sure that they are con artists. However, it should warrant further investigation.

An affiliate marketing program should always provide you with some support. This can include an agent that you can contact with questions or problems. A legitimate company should want you to do well. The better you do the better they do. It should at very least contain a toll free phone number, email address and fixed street address. If your company is an online affiliate marketing program, the lack of an email or web page should definitely raise some red flags. Other things such as no phone or address do not mean necessarily that they are trying to scam you. However, you need to investigate them with a fine tooth comb.

A good test is to send the company an email with some basic questions. If it takes them weeks to get back to you then you need to give this venture careful consideration. Again, they may not be out to con you but if they are poor at communication, this could be a sign of other internal problems.

If the company has no website then you should consider something else. Legitimate affiliate marketing programs generally have a detailed website with all the information you need. One should be suspicious of companies that operate only by email. A website is fairly easy to create so why hasn't this company invested the time to do so? Also, a website leaves a bit more of a trail to a company. If they do end up scamming you, the chances of tracing the people via a website are much better then tracing them through masses of email addresses.

Many of us would love the opportunity to work for ourselves. We would love to chuck in the day job and start our own businesses. However, the costs of starting a business combined with the risk involved stop most of us before we even get started. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some money by working for yourself.

The costs are none and the risk minimal. One needs to use some caution when signing onto a program. Make sure there is adequate support available to you. Make sure the company is contactable and that they answer queries in a timely fashion. Be incredibly cautious of companies that have no website. These factors do not always mean that the company is out to scam you; however they should be looked at carefully.

About the Author
Ajaero Tony Martins is an internet marketing expert with 4 years of experience. He also has expertise and specialised knowledge on marketing and brand building,internet marketing. He can be reached at where he offers free insights on business building and internet marketing. He also offers marketing tips and brand building tips to smart entrepreneurs at

Friday, August 22, 2008

Success In Affiliate Programs

Knowledge and expertise is the key to success in any endeavor be it a corporate enterprise, mega enterprise or simple home based business. Like wise an affiliate marketing success also depends upon these key factors for after all affiliate programs are full fledged business minus the mega infrastructure and glamor of the big industrial set up.

But not all entrepreneurs are born wise, not all business men have expertise or experience right from the start. Yet every day a new enterprise and a new business man is born.

How so?

The answer is simple you are not born with, it is a learning process. You grow as you climb in stature and direction, provided you apply right efforts and in the right manner. This is the secret of successfully setting up a home based business on Internet. The most appealing home business opportunity is becoming an affiliate by joining a program on the Internet. However the door to success in affiliate marketing programs open as you achieve you aim by following the right path.
Hard work, sincerity, devotion to work and an ability to grasp knowledge are key to success in network marketing business which are the best home based business opportunities.

Learning the tricks of the trade is an art so as affiliate marketer you should have a strong never ending desire to learn and master this terribly competitive environment on the Net. The key to success in affiliate marketing programs is the ability to choose the right marketing opportunity with the best advertisers and from thence proceed in the right direction. You should be focused on your objective and your medium of delivery should be theme based. This is because of relevancy as the user would like to see similiarity in your delivery - you cannot promote both milk and whiskey on same site. Hence your website should be theme based and focused on few relevant products and services as publisher.

The advertisers would also desire a thematic representation of their products and services else they would not allow you to be their publisher or affiliate. The website should be able to speak of the products and services well and it should not be verbose as readers on Net do not read the whole text rather they scan.

Most important to succeed in affiliate programs like MLM network marketing opportunity is to have a high visibility website or blog. This may not be possible in the beginning however advertisers or affiliate programs are willing to over look this fact. They know that you as a committed affiliate would rank your site higher on SERPs to get higher visibility. They also know that you would be very active in Internet marketing to accord exposure to their products and service to targeted audience.

Targeted audience is the crux of success in affiliate marketing programs. As time proceeds you will realize as you devote your time and efforts to increase affiliate commissions.

Internet marketing success can also come across by using productive time tested Internet marketing software that offer ready made database of network marketers and customers. This help tremendously in direct marketing or email marketing to get in touch with potential customers through the messaging system.

To your success!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Review of Post Launch Profit Secrets

If you have ever read, listened to or watched a free info product and thought why did I bother wasting my time with that, you have not seen or heard one of Alex Jeffreys free offerings.

His Post Launch Profit Secrets has raised the standard of free. It contains extreme value, in that if you act on what is contained in the audio, you could experience making a life changing amount of money on the Internet.

Now we have all heard the term ‘the money is in the list’, well Alex Jeffreys takes this concept and explains how anyone can create a list. Not just any list, but one that is highly responsive and loves getting their wallets out every time you find a product that you think is worth recommending.

In this free audio the information that Alex gives away is phenomenal. He takes you step by step describing how he found out about this proven money making system. Then he goes into great detail on how we can do it ourselves, without having to pay out the thousands of dollars that Alex did to set him on the path of success he is on now.

Along side him on the audio is Michael Cheney who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same money making system that makes him millions too.

Alex does like to mention a few famous internet marketers’ names and talk about places he has been too, but it is all par for the course and doubles as inspiration for those of us listening and desiring that internet marketing lifestyle.

If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with information contained within the audio, as it has helped me develop a master plan of success. Hopefully in 8 weeks I too will have the beginnings a list to be proud of and be able to shoot off an email and make money. I’m sure that sounds good to you too!

Listen your way to intenet marketing success with Post Launch Profit Secrets

To your success !


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Successful Affiliate Bloggers

There is no denying the fact that there are successful affiliate bloggers who take home over $200,000 monthly. The fact is that these successful affiliate bloggers have secrets that earn them this huge sum of money.Discover in this article, secrets of successful affiliate bloggers that they use to make it real big in the world of blog affiliate marketing.

There are two vital secrets that successful affiliate bloggers use:

Select The Right Affiliate Program For Their Affiliate Blogs

Successful affiliate bloggers must have made sure that they have started generating targeted visitors to their affiliate blogs by start promoting any affiliate program on their affiliate blogs. This will help them to understand the kind of visitors that they are generating to their affiliate blog. They would then look for the right affiliate program that would interest their affiliate blog visitors.

Join Two Tier Affiliate Programs

You can become the successful affiliate bloggers when you participate in an affiliate program that pays out commissions on a two tier level. This means that successful affiliate bloggers usually promote affiliate sites where they can earn commissions from people that they refer to the affiliate program, as well as commissions from there own efforts. Any kind of affiliate program that allows you to earn a two tier affiliate commission is called a residual income affiliate program.

So, begin to use these secrets to your advantage and join the train of successful affiliate bloggers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ten Biggest Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing

Though anyone can achieve success with affiliate programs, not everyone manages to do the same.The reason? Well, there are 10 of them, actually.These are the biggest mistakes that make success in affiliate marketing very elusive. Study them well, and read up on how to avoid them. Hurdling through these mistakes can spell the difference between monumental profits and dismal performance in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

1. Believing that people would just click on their affiliate links. Though an affiliate's job is merely limited to pre-selling, pre-selling involves more than just displaying the affiliate links. It also entails encouraging people to click on them by enumerating the benefits that can be derived from the affiliate merchant's products, giving favorable recommendations about the use of the same, and providing an encouraging offer that would entice readers to check out the package.

2. Believing that there's such a thing as organic traffic. Organic traffic, or traffic that is naturally generated by a website, is a myth.There is no such thing! If you're hosting your affiliate links in one website, you can't expect people to find it just like that. You have to make them find it. This can be done through effective SEO techniques and efficient marketing strategies.

3. Believing that employing one marketing strategy is enough. Some people actually think that submitting one article to the article directories would give them the amount of traffic they need. This is a fatal mistake. Limiting yourself to a single, or even a couple, of marketing tactics would be limiting the number of visitors you could generate for your website. Also, you'll fail to tap into other segments of your targeted market if your tactics aren't flexible enough to expand.

4. Failing to study your campaign's performance.Most affiliates merely check on how much they have earned per day, and if such an amount remains at low levels, they fail to make corresponding adjustments because, well, they don't know which aspects of their campaigns need improving. It is important to study every face to four marketing strategies. How many visitors are we generating for our website? How many of them are unique? How many are returning? How much time do they spend in our pages? Where are they coming from? To where are they exiting? These are the questions that can be answered by an excellent visitor tracking software program, and these are the questions that could help us improve the performance of our marketing endeavors.

5. Failing to find an affiliate program which actually offers sellable products. Some affiliate programs may offer as much as a 95% commission per sale. But if the products are impossible to sell, you'd never realize the profit the program promises.

6. Failing to find an affiliate program with a proven record of consumer satisfaction. The credibility of an enterprise depends on how people view it. If the affiliate program has established great relationships with the members of its target market, then it has established a brand which is recognizable for its excellent service. You'd have an easier time pre-selling such an affiliate program's products.

7. Failing to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry. There will come a time when the marketing knowledge we know would become obsolete, more so in the field of internet marketing where everything transpires at a rapid pace. You have to constantly update yourself with the newest trends, techniques and news in this field to always keep your competitive edge.

8. Failing to invest on knowledge. Knowledge like wise evolves and you have to evolve with it. Buy note worthy eBooks, special reports and the likes... those which would teach you the latest tactics to help you conquer your field.

9. Resting on your laurels once a semblance of success is achieved. Success is not eternal. You have to sustain it. If you leave your business alone once it shows the promise of success,you're just setting it up for failure.

10. Believing that affiliate marketing is a "get rich quick" scheme. It is not. You have to invest a certain level of commitment, a lot of time,some financial resources on occasions, and a whole lot of effort if you want to truly realize the many wonderful things that this field does promise.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Affiliate Classroom E-zine

Hi everyone! I just found an interesting e-zine named 'Affiliate Classroom'.

Affiliate Classroom Magazine is published to serve hard-working affiliates. The goal is to help keep you informed of emerging marketing trends, increase your website traffic, and raise converions and revenues. The writers, columnists, editors and teachers who contribute to Affiliate Classroom Magazine are all affiliates who speak from experience.

July 2008 issue is all about networks! Cover Story - Why Networks Do What They Do Plus...Meet the Big Brand Networks The Pros and Cons of ClickBank The Best Specialty Networks. Hope you get the benefit from this e-zine.
To download, click here...

15 Reasons Why Most People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a funny old game. Many try it out, many fail, some succeed. So what’s the difference between the people that succeed & those that fail?

- Not doing product research properly & picking saturated markets
- Not choosing the right Affiliate Programs
- Not throwing enough money into the Adwords Campaign
- Not being original enough
- Concentrating on only one market instead of several
- Linking Directly to Advertisers instead of having Squeeze Pages
- Not Testing more than One Adwords Creative
- Picking too many general keywords in Adwords
- Not setting up Niche Groups in Adwords
- Not calculating a maximum CPA for the product you’re promoting
- Targeting the wrong market
- Not using Microsoft Adcenter
- Not Cloaking your Affiliate Links
- Not asking for the Business
- Not doing Competitor Research

So, what's your opinion?

Different Variations of Affiliate Marketing

There are a few different types of Affiliate Marketing Models that we are going to have a look at.
You can be rewarded for referring potential buyers in various ways:

Pay Per Click: You are paid for each user that clicks through from your site to the advertisers site. Usually ranging anywhere from $0.01 through to $2+ depending on the advertiser & or product.

Pay Per Lead: You are paid whenever you generate a lead or a sign up, this is more commonly known as a CPA or Cost Per Acquisition model. This can be something as simple as getting a user to sign up to a mailing list or enter a competition. This can range from $0.50 right up to $100+ again depending on the product or service.

Pay Per Sale: You are paid whenever the user your refer generates a sales or purchases the product. This type usually generates the largest commissions, however it’s the hardest type to convert. There’s no range on this type of marketing, it just depends on what commission the advertiser pays & how expensive the product is.

Now lets look at the three types of Affiliate Marketing above. You can notice a distinct pattern.
Pay Per Click; as you can imagine is the easiest type of sale to generate, however it has the least returns. Pay Per Lead is slightly harder to generate with more generous returns & then Pay Per Sale is the toughest but with the most rewarding return.

Now that we’ve grasped the basic types of Affiliate Marketing lets have a look at how you can put these models into practice on your own site, we’ll also have a look at how you can market products without even having your own website to begin with.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

These are some of the factors you should consider:

1. Can you make money from the product ?
Don't be swayed just by high commission figures or multi-tier payments. You need positive answers to both these two questions:
-Is it a product that people want and will buy ? Consider how it will fare alongside the competition.
-Is the commission rate sufficient to make your efforts worthwhile.

2. How effective is the sales page ?
Visit the sales page of the product to confirm that the sales copy does a good job of selling the product. Be aware of the various ways that can lose out on your commission.(These are explained in the following tip in this section.)

3. Check out the affiliate support
The merchant should provide you with much more than just a link to join the affiliate program. Check for any useful promotional material - sample ads, articles, solo mailings, endorsements/reviews, signatures

Ideally there will be an affiliate mailing list so that the merchant can convey useful news. You want someone reliable who won't disband a program or make rule changes without telling you.

4. How many affiliate programs should you promote ?
If you plan to put a number of affiliate products on one page then the more you have the more diluted the effect. The exception being if they all relate to the same topic.

Otherwise if you keep them separate you can have as many as you like but do not underestimate the work involved for you on the administration side such as:

-different procedures for signing up
-different ways of creating affiliate links
-different methods of payments, at different intervals
-handling ongoing communications from every program

A good compromise is to use a company which contains many affiliate programs under one umbrella. They consolidate your commissions into one payment and have a standardized format for affiliate links with no individual sign-ups required.

The most popular of these, handling digital products (ebooks, software), is ClickBank.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Affiliate Marketing - Train Yourself To Become A Success

There are many resources you can find for affiliate marketing training online. Tools such as newsletters, websites, blogs, books, ebooks, reports, online tutorials, and classes come in just about every shape and form.

But some of these are better than others and if you want to keep up with the fast-paced business of affiliate marketing, you don't want to waste time with programs that rehash old techniques and strategies.

If you're new to the business and already have a website, it's tempting to go off willy-nilly and sign up with any merchant advertiser at a CPA network provider who will have you. You've cut and pasted their banners and text links into your page content and you're ready for the money to roll in. But hold on...

This method might make you a few dollars but it is never going to get you the sales and conversion rate you need to become a successful marketer. Your best recourse then, is to do some affiliate marketing training before you waste a lot of time with the hit-and-miss method.

What You'll Be Learning: the Basics

For one thing, the right learning tool will show you how to read the stats on a merchant's program and that in turn gives you an idea of which ones to partner with, and which merchants might be best avoided.

For example, do you know enough to review the return days of each merchant? If not, the merchant may offer only 10 to 15 day cookies and will be getting a lot of free publicity off unsuspecting partners. Never join a program that offers anything less than 30 days.

Your affiliate marketing training will also teach you to look for the best type of publisher agreement (hint: it's a 15% commission, no less -- with that 30-day or greater cookie).

Conversion rates are extremely important and those stats will also be listed by the network provider for every merchant (except new merchants who have recently joined the network). Those with excellent conversion rates are running ad campaigns that make it easier for you to earn commissions -- just as other partner affiliates are already doing with them.

What You Can Learn in Advanced Tutorials

Veteran marketers not only review the basics constantly, they also keep their edge on their competition by continuing their affiliate marketing training. They get tips on subjects such as link cloaking, search engine optimization, keyword placement, advanced keyword search tools, how to spot "parasites" among merchants (the ones who steal commissions via adware or pop-over form boxes), how to use coupons, as well as rebates, discounts and special promotions, and so much more.

Get Your Hands on the Tutorials

One program we recommend is Ken Evoy's SBI course in affiliate marketing training. It's one of the best written, niche-focused, and informative, of all the self-paced programs we've seen on the internet.

Also highly recommended is a book called The Affiliate Business Blueprint from Rosalind Gardner and Jim Edwards. You might also want to read Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate ($29.95) by Chris Rempel. Both of these books are written by internet marketing gurus who give a ton of tips and ideas, and they update these manuals regularly to reflect the changes that affect affiliate marketing.

Getting Advice From the Best

Much of the work involved in launching a website that is to be monetized for affiliate marketing is overcoming the lack of preparation. Using a primer course gives you the solid foundation to move up the ladder until you can eventually compete with the top marketers in your niche group. Without this advanced help, you'll be hopelessly lost, and not get past the beginner's hit-and-miss methods of slapping links onto a page and seeing if any money comes of it.

Those marketers who have gone before you will likely tell you that it isn't easy to succeed in this business since a money-making website takes time to build and promote. But if hard work and dedication don't scare you off, and you're looking to make a "fast start" in the business, then it's highly recommended you read as much affiliate marketing training books and materials as you can.

Author Resource:- Johan Krost is an expert on affiliate marketing and work at vaga de empregos. Discover severals ways to succeed at affiliate marketing on vaga de empregos

Affiliate Guide - Make Money Online As An Affiliate

Theoretically the idea of making money from affiliate programs sounds easy. It gets even more exciting when you discover that there are some affiliate programs like Google's AdSense where you do not even need to sell anything to earn a hefty affiliate income.

However those who have unsuccessfully tried out affiliate programs have a very different story to tell. Far from being a way to make easy money online, they will often tell you about lack of support from the affiliate program and affiliate managers who were inaccessible and uncooperative. They will also tell of back-breaking work put into their affiliate program only for them to end up with absolutely nothing to show for it.

In sharp contrast there are those who have succeeded with their affiliate programs and we have affiliates who are raking in some awesome monthly earnings. Have you heard of home business affiliates who regularly make $100,000 from their home businesses? So what makes the difference? Are the people earning six figure affiliate incomes every month unique and with special qualifications that the others cannot match?

Actually easy money from affiliate programs is something that is easily accessible to any home business online entrepreneur who takes the time to study how it is done.

There Is Easy Money In Affiliate Programs With Good Training And Support

One way to succeed with affiliate programs is to choose carefully. All you need to do is to look for an affiliate program with a serious training plan and excellent support. Such programs will offer advice from the top affiliates of the program who will candidly share what it is they do earn those fantastic incomes. This eliminates trial and error and opens doors for any new affiliate to quickly climb the ladder of top earners into easy affiliate money. In this case all you will need to do is to duplicate a success system that is already working for others.

Do Your Own Research To Succeed In Affiliate Programs

Alternatively you can take the time to study affiliate marketing and what it takes to succeed. There is plenty of good material available on the net. Most of us appreciate the fact that for a person to be able to practice any profession some training is required. And yet most folks do not take affiliate training with enough seriousness. For you to succeed in making easy money from affiliate programs, you will need to make heavy investment in your training.

Author Resource:- Johan Krost is an expert on affiliate marketing and work at vaga de empregos. Discover severals ways to succeed at affiliate marketing on vaga de empregos

Five Incredible Tips To Your Affiliate Marketing Success

More often than not someone who is new to affiliate marketing thinks that by signing up to an affiliate program, grabbing a whole load of pretty banners and sending out some emails will guarantee their success.

Of course this just will not work, there is more than that to being a successful affiliate marketer otherwise we would all be lazing on a sun kissed beach enjoying the good life.

There are more ways of being a success at affiliate marketing than I will be mentioning here but by following these five tips you will be heading in the right direction.

Tip one is to find the right program. I know it seems obvious but I have been lured to web sites by a promise of one thing and when I have got there I am offered something completely unrelated, and what do I do? I click away from the site and go somewhere else.

So make sure that the affiliate programs you are promoting are related to your web site and the rest of your advertising and promotions.

Tip two is to over deliver by which I mean do not be like every other affiliate, stand out from the crowd and offer something special to your visitors. Give them a free gift or a trial offer to entice them to signing up for your list rather than someone other affiliate marketer. Do some research and check out other affiliates web sites and see how they are promoting the same or similar affiliate products or services and go at least one step further than them.

Tip three can take a bit of time and effort on your part but if you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer then that should be no hardship to you and you will reap the rewards of success later. Create and affiliate newsletter or blog, even better do both. There is no point in getting people to sign up for your list and then ignoring them, believe me they will forget you quicker than you think.

Keep in communication with your affiliate audience; they are your lifeline to being a successful affiliate marketer. By having a newsletter or blog you can still give them bits of information to keep them aware of who you are and how you can help them even at times when you have nothing new to sell to them.

Tip four again may seem obvious but many affiliate marketers forget or cannot be bothered to do it. Research, research and more research is the key to staying a successful affiliate marketer. Keep checking for new and better products and services to become an affiliate of, keep checking on what other affiliates are up to and keep checking for untapped niche markets that are related to what you are already promoting.

Stay ahead of your competition, do not be the last to jump onto the latest new hot thing.

Tip five is simple, keep doing tips one, two, three and four and you will become and stay a successful affiliate marketer. Us e these tips as the foundation stone to your affiliate business and you will be amazed at the rewards.

Author Resource:- Johan Krost is an expert on affiliate marketing and work at vaga de empregos. Discover severals ways to succeed at affiliate marketing on vaga de empregos

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interview with Michael Cheney

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about one of the best internet marketer,Michael Cheney. Michael Cheney is one of the most-respected names in the field of Internet marketing. The chances are that you will already read one of his many, many marketing articles that are dotted throughout the web. He have been online since 1995 believe it or not. That is when he built his very first Web site as a hobby. He started building sites for other people commercially and then he set up an offline consultancy. He actually traveled around in a car helping people do search optimization. He would go around and visit businesses. Then he started getting into info products. He sold my first e-book, back in 2005. Then he really hit big on the scene with the launch of AdSense videos in 2006, just around 2 years ago. That product did a quarter of a million dollars in seven days. When it went live, it was just amazing. Since then he released a number of different information products. He starting to get out. He have been invited to speak from the stage at various events around the world. He have been on TV and radio and all of that stuff. Really, now he have just been able to kind of look back on what he have done and start really giving back and helping people as best he can. He know how tough it is when you first start getting into the Internet marketing game. That is, in a nutshell, his part in history. Listen in as Michael Cheney answers questions during this private interview call where he shows you how to make a name for yourself (& earn big money!) in the internet marketing world through affiliate marketing. You can download this e-book by clicking this link, Interview with Michael Cheney

Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Checks

Some people who join an internet affiliate marketing program for the first time assume that it is an easy way to earn income. It is true that a lot of the work is done for you. Sourcing a great range of products, price structure, stock control are tasks that are already done for you. Most times the merchant will have ad copy, images and other sales items plus their own website, so that all you have to do is refer your traffic to their site.

Although these time consuming tasks may be done for you, there is still the most important activity of all. That is generating substantial sales. There are so many ways to generate traffic on the internet and not all of them succeed in bringing you sales. This topic is huge but here are five important issues that are often overlooked by inexperienced marketers.

1. Register your own domain on your own website.
If a merchant can only offer you a replica of their website and domain with your affiliate number added to the domain, then be prepared to lose sales from your hard earned traffic. Many savvy internet users will delete your affiliate number before they click. The merchant will then get the sale without knowing it was you who referred them. Your own domain name looks more professional and your own website is more flexible.

2. Know your affiliate products.
When you become an expert on the products, you can then give convincing reviews on your website or advertisements. This sincerity will shine through on everything you write about the products.

3. Write your own affiliate ads.
Most merchants will allow you to write your own ads for their products. If the merchant has a lot of affiliates then the ads they wrote are likely to be spread all over the internet. This means that jaded visitors who recognise the wording of a heading they have seen hundreds of times before, will overlook your ad. Be fresh and creative and visitors may take a look.

4. Participate in forums, discussion boards and chat rooms on topics related to your product.
Carefully read the rules of the site you are about to participate in. This will avoid you being banned or accused of spamming. The rules differ and if the site you are on disallows self promotion then respect that. If they allow a link to your site in your signature file, then you still get that valuable backlink for the search engines.

5. Create a free ezine or newsletter.
Your own ezine or newsletter can be used to inform your list of prospects about a certain subject. Being a genuine source of help and advice to your subscribers will set you apart from most other pushy newsletter publishers. Your subscribers are likely to consider your affiliate links more favourably. Also, don't forget to promote your ezine or newsletter on your website. The basic issues above can be overlooked by the newcomer who is bombarded with claims of wonderful products, provided by merchants who claim to be the best. All affiliate opportunities should be carefully considered with other similar programs, before choosing the one that suits their needs and style.

David Barker is the webmaster of Visit his website for information on launching six Internet Affiliate Marketing Programs and a free ebook. You may distribute this article unchanged as long as you include this resource box.

How To Build And Market A Small Niche Affiliate Website

Your niche affiliate website is to provide and develop consumer oriented information specifically for those who are interested in website building and affiliate marketing information. It provides information, from a buyers prospective, that can help them make the right choices when it comes to building their own niche.

In order to be found and ranked as a top producer affiliate marketers with website niche based interests also need to know how to please search engines. Therefore their content will have to pull a double shift. It has to help you rank well with search engines and be found and used by your target audience.

The two basic components you need to know to do this are:

1. Buyer-centric information articles
2. Products for them to buy

Your website should be split almost unevenly between these two components. You should place more emphasis on your information than what you sell. There are two main reasons for this:

1. The information you provide helps your buyers to know like and trust you and your products. 2. The information provides search engines the information they need to correctly catalog your website for your buyers to find.

You have the control over the website and you make the final decision. However, simplicity sells. You should just use information and products.

Product pages are usually provided for you with easy to change templates customizable to match your design. Simply create a page about each product. If you use affiliate companies they usually do this part for you. Simplicity is best here too. Give the buyer just enough information to make a choice to buy it, chances are is they got to your page, they are presold anyway. Sometimes the best way to set up the buyer pages is so that when the buyer clicks on the affiliate website they are taken directly to the affiliate website to continue their purchase to pick up their free sample.

Your informational pages should require a bit more work than that. You should angle the information on each of your pages for one piece of supporting information about your products. This will help your visitors decide whether or not to buy. You need articles, product reviews, and product or market comparisons in order to effectively sell your products and ideas. You will soon learn what really works to drive specific and presold customers to your website. After all, they came to your website because the search engine told them it was a good place to buy; therefore, they are already looking for what you have to offer. Now you just need to tell them why they made the right choice in coming to you.

For example: Say we have five different weight loss supplements. Then you should have five pages of product descriptions and maybe ten pages comparing other products to what you market. These can be anything from side-by side reviews, tell sheets, sell sheets, mini brochures, experiences, or subject related topics such as how to effectively use the product. Following the above advice will provide your buyers with the information and web links they need to make the choice to buy from you. You have fulfilled their needs in providing rich information about the products and the ability to make the purchase right away.

Content That Pays Off With Your Affiliate Marketing

To effectively market your affiliate accounts you need to put effort into your website content. Refreshing this content often can help you achieve even better results than one time efforts. To do this you simply need to update the archives, add more resources with new information, and update the current information pages.

In addition to adding content, you should definitely tweak and change the content you have on your page. This content should reflect changes in the products and changes in the market. Sometimes the smallest change can product amazing results. If you can spend the time you normally would on blogging to really work with your web traffic and conversion, it will pay off in the long run.

Next you need to focus on building your master site. While blogs can create minimal returns, if you get started right away on a market dominating catch-all website you can build even more traffic

You And Your Many Articles

You should not use all your articles at one time. All those articles you buy from freelance writers or that you pour over yourself can be kept for later uses. Put your primary article on your site and then use the secondary articles to help you add new content periodically to keep your old customers happy and keep the search engines at your websites door. You can submit others to article submission data bases and other link back sites. You can also use widgets to create these link backs.

Using Subscriber And Mailing Lists

Please be aware that these are to be taken seriously. They do not work for all types of websites or products. And if not used carefully they can lead to trouble. Another thing to keep in mind is that a squeeze page is not needed for everyone. Sometimes they can work in your favor, sometimes they can send your traffic packing to find better website content.

You still can make good use of subscriber lists. You just need to use a product that can utilize that type of sales. Emailing lists mean more work in the long run since you will be spending more time crafting emails and newsletters to try and sell your audience.

Social Marketing

Web 2.0 is being driven by social marketing. You can utilize this tool to your advantage not by building your own blog, but by contributing to the blogs of others. By spending your time of the blogs of those you have captured your target audience you can build an audience for yourself. Becoming a contributor of a community which follows your niche market can become a great advantage for you and your website. You can do this by capturing attention of people through your wit and you can provide them with links to your website or profile pages. Profile pages on MySpace, blogger, Squidoo, niche oriented forums, and other social places you might find your targeted audience.

Social marketing can bring your product to your audience. If you have a great site you can spend all your time there or on your blog and wait for them to come to you, or you can go out and be seen on the social scene. By finding and audience that is already tailored to your desired market you can take the active approach in your marketing. You may learn a few things along the way that can help your website out, you can make great friends, and you can brand yourself as someone knowledgeable in your markets.

The next big thing is learning how to handle search engines and optimizing your website so that they become your biggest fans. This is crucial to getting your content driven website into the light so your presold traffic can find it.

Author Resource:- L. Edward helps people to start a business, get grant money, build, market online atInternet Home Business Ideas L. Edward recommends you learn the secrets to awesome success and wealth at his Personal Development Training Website

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Basics Ideas of Affiliate Marketing

Jerry Leung is an author. You can learn more about Make Money Online: Affiliate Marketing from his website. He also runs a site about Niche Affiliate Marketing Program Tips. Be sure to check Website Statistics Analysis.

For webmasters, one of the challenges is how they can make money with their websites. In fact, there are various ways to do so. What you need to do is firstly create a website. Setting up a blog to start blogging can also work very well in terms of making money online. And you can make money with your site with affiliate marketing. When you are working in the field of affiliate marketing, you will try to promote the products or services of the sponsor in your website. It is one of the most effective ways to make money online. A lot of websmaters are in fact earning huge amount of cash with affiliate marketing. Without any surprise, the first thing you need to do will be choosing a good affiliate program. It is not a really easy task. You may try to find portents with potential and join an affiliate program which promotes this product. You may also join programs which promotes a lot of different products. Yet, it may be a problem if you only have a personal website. Since you personal website may not have a main theme. And even if your site has a main theme, the theme may not be related to the products you are promoting. As a result, you may consider creating a site with a theme related to the products you are promoting or the niche market of the products. By doing that your chance of making money will be a lot higher since you will be able to drive targeted traffic to your site. As all the internet marketing experts will advise, you should also try to build your own subscriber list. This is because the subscribers are all potential customers. And you will probably send tons of sales copies to all these potential customers. You will find that you will be able to earn a lot more if you can build a really large subscriber list. Yet you have to bear in mind that you should never spam any people. As a result, you should only send sales copies to your subscribers. You may also consider starting some offline campaigns. You may think that it will be useless to launch offline campaigns since you are trying to make money online. Yet it can be a very effective way in order to make more sales online. As a result, you should also try to launch some offline advertising campaigns if you have the budget.

Sell Your Products With An Affiliate Program

A Top-Earning Internet Marketer and Author in New York City, Scott Michael shows you how to earn an incredible income at home (working just 2 hours a week). Learn more about his top recommendation at Darn Rich

There are numerous ways to make money on the Net, but my favorite way is to make money doing nothing. Yes, it's true - you can actually see a steady income just by launching a program and putting it on autopilot while others do the labor for you. Sounds kind of cruel, but these people are getting rewards too - commissions of anywhere from 30-85% on my products (usually at the higher end), and they didn't have to create anything or launch their own site - it's a win-win situation for all. In this section, I'm going to walk you through the process of creating your own affiliate program so that hundreds of salespeople will drive targeted traffic to your site without you having to do anything. Many of your own customers will become affiliates of your product or service. If you prove to them that there's value in it, and obviously the sales letter was convincing enough to convert them into a sale, they'll see the potential for big profits. Won't I Be Losing Money If I Launch an Affiliate Program? If you're balking at the thought of paying other people 50% of the sale, then you don't understand why it's in your best interest to give away half the money in commissions. As an Internet Marketer, your primary goal is money, but your secondary goal is to lighten your workload. On the Net, most things can be automated - so you can relax and have time to spend that overflowing bank account of yours. When you launch a product or service on a site, you'll be working to generate free traffic, which takes some time to achieve with indexing, gaining in the search engine results pages, and obtaining inbound links to your site. You'll start out paying for much of your traffic using banner ads in ezines and on other sites and employing the use of Pay Per Click campaigns where you pay by the keyword or key phrase. With an army of affiliates paying the advertising tab for you, you're saving a pile of money while helping to build your brand and increase the popularity of your site. You don't have to pay salaries to anyone - the money your affiliates make comes strictly from commissions on confirmed sales. I like to save the contact information from all of my affiliates' sales in a separate list and as I market backend products to them over the following months and years, I realize that the lifetime value of these repeat buyers far exceeds what I had to pay for the one-time commission.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 High-Impact Viral Marketing Strategies

Viral Marketing is allowing people to giveaway and
use your free product or service in order to multiply
your marketing quickly over the internet. The idea
behind viral marketing is that you include your ad
with the freebie people giveaway or use. Below are
ten high impact viral marketing strategies:

1. Allow people to reprint your articles on their web
site, in their e-zine, newsletter, magazine or ebooks.
Include your resource box and the option for article
reprints at the bottom of each article.

2. Allow people to use any of your freebies as free
bonuses for products or services they sell. Include
your ad on all your freebies.

3. Allow people to use your online discussion board
for their own web site. Some people don't have one.
Just include your banner ad at the top of the board.

4. Allow people to sign up for a free web site on
your server. Since you are giving away the space,
require them to include your banner ad at the top
of the site.

5. Allow people to add their link to your free web
site directory. Just require that they return a link
back to your web site, advertising your directory.

6. Allow people to provide your free online service
to their web site, visitors, or e-zine subscribers.
They could be free e-mail, e-mail consulting, search
engine submissions, etc.

7. Allow people to give away your free software.
Just include your business advertisement inside the
software program.

8. Allow people to give away your free web design
graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Just include your ad
on them or require people to link directly to your
web site.

9. Allow people to place an advertisement in your
free ebook if, in exchange, they give away the
ebook to their web visitors or e-zine subscribers.

10. Allow people to give away your free ebook to
their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it
away. This will just continue to spread your ad all
over the internet.

Quote of the Day:

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Stephen Covey

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ClickBank Your Way to Affiliate Sales Success

Today I want to post another article about Clickbank affiliate. This article is written by Cynthia Mosher. Cynthia Mosher has been working online since 1998. She shares her advice and experience on working at home and internet and affiliate marketing at her website Wahm Daily.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular path to making money online allowing you to work from home and giving you the freedom of working for yourself. If you want to get started in affiliate marketing, you should know where to get good affiliate programs. ClickBank is the cream of the crop. Here's how to tap into the ClickBank treasure chest.

ClickBank is the most well known and highly trafficked affiliate products marketplace on the internet. You can become a ClickBank affiliate simply by opening an account and getting a ClickBank ID. Once in as a registered affiliate you should then click on the Earn Commissions tab. Here it is your task to seek out products and services that fit your target market and your website. Look for the popular products and you'll get a good idea of what is selling well and you can pinpoint the products that are already selling successfully.

ClickBank operates as a 3rd party middleman between the merchants selling products and the affiliates who promote them. ClickBank delivers the merchants offers and sets the affiliate up to promote that product for a commission. This is what makes affiliate marketing so popular - the product is created and ready for sale with no effort on your part in bringing it to the market. Your effort and reward comes in promoting it. ClickBank tracks your sales and delivers you your commissions. You get real-time sales reporting, statistics, and a paycheck twice a month.

As an affiliate you are free to choose marketing techniques and promotion tools as you wish to direct traffic and encourage clicks and sales. But affiliate marketing is far more than promoting a product. If you are to excel and become a super affiliate through ClickBank's marketplace you will need to develop your skills in search engine optimization, general internet marketing techniques such as email and article marketing, newsletter marketing, back links, link exchanges and your own website content promotion. Promotion of products on your own website through articles, reports and e-books is one of the keys to super affiliate success. Using your affiliate links in all your content you provide your visitors with quality information and advice about the things they are interested in. That done you can link to a product sales page you are promoting and the chances of their clicking through and considering the product are due to your helpful approach in offering free content of value.

It is essential to offer multiple products rather than just one or two. You don't want to fill your site with everything on the market though. Choose affiliate programs that are geared to your site and audience. With affiliate links and sales pages in place you are setting up an automated system that gives you passive income and more time for other projects.

To be a super affiliate you do have to remain on top of the trends of online marketing. What worked last year and even last month can change to something completely different. Watch your statistics to be aware of what is working and what isn't. If you miss out on changes, new ideas and tools you will lose in traffic and sales because your competition will be way ahead of you.

In the affiliate marketing business you must have a strong sense of ability to succeed and a willingness to learn and apply what you learn on a consistent manner. Don't hesitate. Hesitation and indecisiveness are the characteristics of mediocrity in affiliate sales.

Don't forget that success won't happen overnight. It may take weeks or months. It will require a large chunk of commitment from you but in the end you will be so glad you spent the time establishing a good foundation. With patience, persistence and knowledge you will start making sales. Once you find out what works and do more of it, you'll be clicking your way to the bank, thanks to ClickBank and your hard work.

Article From Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory Free Articles for reprint Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help You Make More Money Online

Hi all! Today I want to share with you all about marketing tips to help you make money online with Clickbank.Since Clickbank has opened for Malaysians, so this tips can help us to make more money through Clickbank Affiliate Programme.
The author of this article is Shakil Zaman. Shakil is an internet marketer and webmaster. Visit his site to learn about the top work at home business opportunities at

Clickbank is one of the more popular affiliate networks out there which means that there is often a fair bit of competition that you are going to have to overcome if you want to succeed with marketing Clickbank products. One of the challenges with Clickbank is to find genuinely high quality products. Remember that if you recommend any product without finding out about its quality then you could lose a lot of money due to high refund rates. Thus you must check out the products very carefully and be very selective as to which ones you decide to promote. Make sure that the product has a good gravity score at least above 30 and that it has been at that level or above for at least a few months. Also buy the product if you can and test it out yourself.

You need to be proud of the product you choose to promote because as an affiliate one of your main tasks is to find and recommend the best products to your customers. Once you have found a product that is superior in quality and that you know will have a very low refund rate then you need to find ways to get the word out about it and promote this product.

There are several approaches you can use to market your affiliate products but you need to always keep in mind one fact when you are selling anything. That fact is that most people will not buy from you the first time they visit your site. So it becomes very important to collect your visitors email address through an opt in form for a newsletter for example or through a squeeze page so that you can make several more contacts over the next few weeks to gently remind them of the great product that you are recommending they purchase.

If you have money for advertising then you can use a pay per click system like google adwords to promote your product. If it is a Clickbank product then you should be fine bidding on the product name as it is usually not a trademark term. The product name is the best keyword and the most targeted so it is okay if you have to pay a little extra for these kinds of clicks. If you are using adwords then be sure to send the traffic to a squeeze page first.

A squeeze page is simply a single page where the visitor must enter their contact details in order to get more information. Offer something of value to get the visitor to give you their contact information like a free guide or report of some sort that has real value and is unique. Using review style pages can be effective so consider doing an in depth review of your product and why people should consider purchasing it.

It is also a good idea to build a website also even if you are doing paid advertising because taking advantage of organic search engine traffic can be very profitable since the cost to get the visitors is nothing so the money is pure profit. Also if you add adsense to your sites you will be able to increase the income levels from your site greatly as you will make money even if people do not buy from you since you get paid when they click on those adsense ads.

Many people think that getting good search engine rankings is difficult and unpredictable when in reality it is actually not that tough. It simply requires a commitment on your part to follow the rules of the search engines and to understand how they operate and what they look for in order to rank sites well. Your goal should be to create an authority site in your niche. This will take time so continue with paid advertising also as it will offer a more immediate source of traffic. Writing and submitting articles has been proven time and time again to help in improving traffic and rankings so make sure you use this tactic no matter how boring and dull it may seem to you. The bottom line is that it works so use it while you can.

Also make sure that you are cloaking your links using some sort of link cloaker. This will help to prevent commission theft as visitors will not be tempted to order under their own id. There is no need to promote hundreds of Clickbank products, select only the best in your niche and use a combination of paid advertising and search engine optimization to maximize your profits from selling Clickbank products.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Read This Unless You Need Money

By : Rich Roberts

Okay. You join a network marketing business. You've got your company replicated website and it looks great. It has flash movies and has tons of bells and whistles. It even has a girl that walks across the screen and starts talking to you. You have auto responders, you have a dynamite back office, you have everything you need to get the ball rolling your business. So what's the problem here? The problem is you're about to make the same mistake 95% of marketers out theremake. You're going to place all your hopes and dreams of Internet millions on a webpage that says absolutely nothing about who you are as a person and whatmembers can expect from you as a sponsor. And that's why like 95% of marketers out there, you're going to be hemorrhaging money in a very short period of time. Lead capture pages are a lot like cookies; the best ones are made from scratch. The problem with using a cookie cutter lead capture page, is that it's just like everybody else's. It doesn't tell your story, people can't see your face. Your viewers need to feel a connection with you. They are far more likely to buy your product if the feel like they are doing business with a friend. When you don't tell a little about yourself and at least put a picture up.
Your prospects are going to think you're hiding something! When you join a network marketing company, don't fall into the trap of believing that your product is the only product out there. People are not just buying your product, they are buying YOU. People want a sponsor who can provide them the support and training necessary to make a profit quickly. People are not going to join your team because your company has the greatest product. They are going to join your team because of you and what you can do for them. Again, they need to feel a connection with you. The key to success in network marketing is developing a strong leadership brand. The key to having a strong leadership brand is your lead capture page. After all,the success of your collective marketing efforts lie in your pages ability to effectively communicate that your business is the business to join, and you're the sponsor that can help the Average Joe learn the ropes. The good news is that there are systems with marketing tools in place that will allow you to brand yourself as a leader right away. Do your research. Don't buy in to the first affiliate program you run across. Some are much better than others. Take the time to check out at least 8-10 programs. Ask questions. The legitimate programs will be very helpful. Good luck!

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Paypal Lesson

Just want to share with you all about paypal lesson.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Start to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

By : John Hartley

It is a bit of cliche to say that you can make money online with affiliate marketing, but you can. But the question is: 'Will you?' That is not meant unkindly, but to make money this way you need to be determined to do so, and to follow a plan. Then you need to find the products or services that will help you do it. Are you determined enough or desperate enough? Let's start with the beginning. How determined are you? Or how desperate are you? If it just seems a good way of getting extra cash for a holiday or something, chances are you won't stick to a program. If you've lost your job, and want to be independent of jobs, bosses and getting fired, your attitude will be different. Also, if you are broke. If you really want to make money online with affiliate marketing, the first job is to get a piece of paper and write on it why you want to do this. Then write down your goal three years down the road. Then, work backwards, putting down what you need to be earning at the end of the the second year, the end of the first year, and in six months time. Then work back till you know what you need to do this month. Don't expect to earn anything in the first month, as there is too much ground work to be done, such as finding out what affiliate marketing is, how you do it, and what you need to be able to do it successfully. What must I do today to make this work? At this stage you will not know what you need to do in detail, but you should end up with: 'What must I do today to make this work?' Maybe you only have one hour today, so what is the one thing that must be done? It could be to brainstorm what markets you will enter as an affiliate. These need to be markets where there is a lot going on, plenty of products, plenty of buyer. But not much competition, which means it will be a small niche in that market. That's the start. One way of doing it would be to go to amazon and look up the latest non-fiction books in the best sellers category to see what they are about. This is a good way of finding a market. Another is to go into town and look at the magazine racks. If there are plenty of magazines on one subject, that's a market. Note how each one targets a niche in that market. After that you will want to find some products that really fit into that market. Then, you will be looking at keywords and key phrases to see how to promote these products. By this time you will need to learn about affiliate marketing. There are plenty of programs and e-books out there, but start out studying some free reports, which will help you see which way to go. But each day remember to say: 'What must I do today to make this work'?
Author Resource:- For free reports and information about the best affiliate marketing tools and programs go to, John's blog.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

By : Todd Ash

Marketing is about personally investment and firm commitment to do whatever it takes to make the affiliates websites work. There are many everyday jobs that are boring and routine, but need to be done. Marketing is digit of the fastest, easiest structure to intend started with making money online. This is also popular, because it can be started in your constituent time, and sometimes (though I don't propose it) you can attain money without modify having your possess website. Affiliate visits the site through your affiliate link, he reads the sales copy and is impressed but the price $97 is quite an obstacle. He sees an ?earn money now? link and clicks as he has been searching for this information all day. A.M. is becoming an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. This won't be news to most readers, however for this reason it is crucial to perform effective and thorough keyword research and affiliate product testing. Clickbank is such an attractive proposition for affiliates to use. They know they are going to get paid twice per month and on clockwork every time. Clickbank affiliates earn by endorsing digital products to their sites and they will receive a 50 percent commission for each sale that you will be able to make. Clickbank now provides you with the names and email addresses of the people that have purchased a clickbank product from you whether you're the owner of the product sold or an affiliate. Any business owner knows that it's much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is a new one. Clickbank affiliates earn by endorsing digital products their sites and they will receive a 50 percent commission for each sale will be able make. There also instances wherein affiliates not directly connected Clickbank, but rather another affiliate marketing programs (such as Google AdSense). ClickBank has an awful interface for trying to find relevant products to promote. Theres no search function, so you just have to page through hundreds of products looking for something interesting. Commission Junction is another excellent source for affiliate products and services. Commissions by Paypal are paid on the 15th of each month for the sales generated during the previous "calendar month". For example, on February 15th commissions are paid for sales generated within January. ClickBank is a trusted third party affiliate management company, so you can be 100% confident that you will receive your commission for every sale that you make. ClickBank is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital products. ClickBank stays in business by charging you $50 for every five products that you upload on the site. They also charge a 1% charge per transaction and also a small fee to process your checks. Clickbank (CB) now provides more information for affiliates who are promoting CB products. The products used to be ranked by the total sales made.
Author Resource:- Todd Ash Is An Entrepreneur and A Master Of Network Marketing.To Find Out More About Succeeding Online Click Here To Visit For Free Information

Adsense Tutorial

Here are some video tips for adsense strategies...enjoy it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 Common Affiliate Mistakes

By : Ryan Smith

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most lucrative means to make money that is online today. Yet there are myths surrounding this that have confused, confounded, and completely discouraged people from trying. For some odd reason, people assume that once they start into a given affiliate program, they will be rolling in cash in just a few weeks or so, if not overnight.

It is misconceptions like this that cause people to become disillusioned and give up.

Truthfully, affiliate marketing can be financially rewarding. There are those who have gone the distance to live the kind of lives they otherwise would not have been able to. But then, there are many others who have failed miserably and cannot understand why.

Those that succeeded, reaped the rewards from seeds planted by the thousands. In other words, they promoted ceaselessly and at every opportunity. They used many and various means to get the word out about their product. Plus, they stayed within the limits of their program's rules regarding advertising.

Those that failed may have thought that the rewards would come easily. They believed that all they had to do was join and the money would come rolling in. They, somehow, got the idea that there was no work involved. This misconception alone has hurt a lot of people. Like any business, it requires a lot of work to get any affiliate business started, and even more to reach the goals that they may be dreaming of.

To dispel some of the myths and gloom regarding this lucrative market let's take a look at the 4 most common myths and their respective truths. It is also important to recognize that there are do's and don't's regarding affiliate marketing that must be adhered to at all times.

The first is that it takes advertising and lots of it to promote any affiliate program. Probably the first and best place to start is promoting to the search engines. This involves two things; being search engine optimized and having original content. This knowledge alone can mean all the difference in a good website and one destined to fail. Another point here is to always use what is known as "white hat" tactics in your search engine marketing.

Other tactics, known as "black hat" tactics work. But, when the search engines catch up with you, they will punish you severely with search engine penalties up to and including blacklisting. When that happens, it will spell the end of your site.

The second mistake involves overfilling websites with banners without any corresponding information. To the site's visitors this can be both a distraction and source of great confusion. To avoid this, one must give detailed information regarding each banner so that his potential customers can make informed decisions regarding each product.

The third mistake is that the marketer promotes only one product. The mistake here is that it leaves the potential customer with no other choices. A good rule here is to provide some variety by adding other services.

The fourth mistake is exactly the opposite of the third. By giving the customer too many choices, it becomes confusing and often times the customer makes no choices at all. They are simply overwhelmed. The best approach here is to choose the best products available. In this way, you leave it up to the customer to decide which is the best choice.

Ultimately, it is the affiliate's responsibilty to understand the rules in this industry. Success or failure is determined by how well they understand them and how to use them to their best advantage.
Author Resource:- RP Smith is the owner of the website

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Complete Of Affiliate Marketing e-Book (Malay Version)

Did you get frustrated when you met many problems in Affiliate Marketing?

  • You want to learn more in Affiliate Marketing but you did not get information or guides that really helped you.
  • You do promoting every day, every minutes but did not get any commission.
  • Your affiliate link is too long and always being stolen.
  • You did not know which affiliate programmes that can make a lot of money.
  • You want to start doing Internet Biz but you don't have enough capital.
  • What's wrong when you did not get any commission from affiliate programmes?

If you having problems like such things, don't sad and feel so upset...

Here are the solutions for the problems:

Inside this e-book you will learn:
  • about Affiliate start form the basics.
  • secrets techniques to choose the best affiliate programmes that can earn a lot of money.
  • how to hide your affiliate link
  • the right techniques to promote and to do marketing

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tips - Aggressive Internet Marketing

By : Lara Crevena

Aggressive internet marketing means full-blown marketing and
promotions that exceed any businessman's expectations. A
business needs fierce internet marketing. No more, no less. But
to make it low cost? Is that even possible? How can something so
aggressive be affordable? Fortunately, you can enjoy cheap aggressive
internet marketing, if you just look hard and fair. Being bright and
alert and know what's happening in the online industry. The following
questions will help you discern whether your website decided to make
marketing fits the bill. Does the company designing websites offering
free? Even if you know HTML, it is even more advisable if a professional
team does it for you. Some Internet sites offer free website design to
ensure that your site needs are met. It is a market that should be
integrated with the web design. If the company requires you to pay
more than fifty dollars for the web design, long after straight-forward
internet marketing! Go somewhere else! How many keywords in your
website to respond? Having too many keywords or key phrases to
focus on your page ranking will drop. Creating small web pages with
content that focuses on just a few keywords used best to Internet
marketing. How search engine-compatible is your website? Internet
marketing is coined "aggressive" only if it is a hundred percent search
engine-compatible. There are about 10 major search engines online
and your site has to work accordingly with them. Find out if your
internet marketing site is expert on search engine optimization.
Do you know your competitors? Affordable Internet aggressive
marketing pushes forward its business noting its competitors.
Analysis and evaluation of competition is required to figure their
shortcomings and advantages over them. If this function is excluded
from its marketing plan on the Internet, which is getting a poor deal.
How effective is the monthly marketing plan? Usually, you are asked
to pay a monthly fee for the marketing plan. For a marketing plan to
be effective, it must primarily on the following: development of the
web page, link exchanges, web content, updates and technical support.
Of course, also included are the standard SEO, competitive analysis and
density of keywords.

Hello, Are You A "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer? Here's 6 Simple Steps Not To Be One

By : Carol Oon

When I just started my home business few years ago, I was
always very distracted and impatient. Yes, I was desperately
impatient to quickly get my internet business to work. I must
admit I was then a "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer. I would be very
excited on one particular program and would spend at least 1-2
months trying to make it work. I realised that I would get very
distracted because I would read lots of my incoming emails
promising "overnight" get-rich programs. Needless to say, I
would "jump" from one "fantastic" program to another "awesome"
program. This will go on for at least 6 months to 1 year. Sad to say,
I would find myself with at least 10 "wonderful" programs ... but
then I would not know how to promote them all at the same time
because they were too many to promote ... In the end, I would
feel frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned. Actually, I've failed
so many times. To other people, I was "nuts" to start a "home
business" that promises overnight riches. But then again, I didn't
give up... You shouldn't give up too. My advice is, be persistent in
your "home business" as you know that at the end of the DARK
tunnel, there is LIGHT! So, how then can you stop being a "Yo-Yo"
Internet Marketer? I have some pointers below from my personal
experience which can help you not to be one.
1) Be very focussed.
This is easily said than done. But you need to stick as a glue with just
one of your program or product at a time. This will then help you to
be able to focus all your energy and time to promote this particular
2) Set-Up A Daily To-Do List This is important but is often
overlooked by most internet marketers. You should spend your first
few hours at the start of your day just solely on promoting your affiliate
program or product. Once you finish doing your "advertising" work,
then you can take your time to read your incoming emails.
3) Have A Must Do Attitude Tell yourself you Must Do or make this
online business work irregardless of your circumstances or situations,
instead of saying that "if I can find the time and energy, I will try
to make this home business work". Failure is not an option here.
4) Daily Action Required You need discipline in this. On a daily basis,
do something which will propel you closer to making your internet
dreams come true. Otherwise, you will just remain as passive
dreamers. Be brave, be creative and tell others how this program or
online business has changed your life dramatically.
5) Write Down Your Goals Review your written goals on a consistent
basis. Visualize what you are going to do next when you succeed your
online business one day ... I can assure you, dreams do come true.
As you know, without a written goal, you will never know what you
are going to do next; or what your future will be.
6) Think Of This Business As Long-Term As the sayings goes "Rome
is not built in one day". In order to be successful in a home internet
business, you must think of this business as a long-term investment.
Think about it, how many online business have you seen that really
"Make money" overnight? I can safely say, definitely, not many.
So, think of it long-term.
Author Resource:- Carol Oon is an internet marketer who writes
articles on Affiliate Marketing strategies. For more tips and free
resources, you can visit her blog at
Please feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you
include this resource box.
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