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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hello, Are You A "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer? Here's 6 Simple Steps Not To Be One

By : Carol Oon

When I just started my home business few years ago, I was
always very distracted and impatient. Yes, I was desperately
impatient to quickly get my internet business to work. I must
admit I was then a "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer. I would be very
excited on one particular program and would spend at least 1-2
months trying to make it work. I realised that I would get very
distracted because I would read lots of my incoming emails
promising "overnight" get-rich programs. Needless to say, I
would "jump" from one "fantastic" program to another "awesome"
program. This will go on for at least 6 months to 1 year. Sad to say,
I would find myself with at least 10 "wonderful" programs ... but
then I would not know how to promote them all at the same time
because they were too many to promote ... In the end, I would
feel frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned. Actually, I've failed
so many times. To other people, I was "nuts" to start a "home
business" that promises overnight riches. But then again, I didn't
give up... You shouldn't give up too. My advice is, be persistent in
your "home business" as you know that at the end of the DARK
tunnel, there is LIGHT! So, how then can you stop being a "Yo-Yo"
Internet Marketer? I have some pointers below from my personal
experience which can help you not to be one.
1) Be very focussed.
This is easily said than done. But you need to stick as a glue with just
one of your program or product at a time. This will then help you to
be able to focus all your energy and time to promote this particular
2) Set-Up A Daily To-Do List This is important but is often
overlooked by most internet marketers. You should spend your first
few hours at the start of your day just solely on promoting your affiliate
program or product. Once you finish doing your "advertising" work,
then you can take your time to read your incoming emails.
3) Have A Must Do Attitude Tell yourself you Must Do or make this
online business work irregardless of your circumstances or situations,
instead of saying that "if I can find the time and energy, I will try
to make this home business work". Failure is not an option here.
4) Daily Action Required You need discipline in this. On a daily basis,
do something which will propel you closer to making your internet
dreams come true. Otherwise, you will just remain as passive
dreamers. Be brave, be creative and tell others how this program or
online business has changed your life dramatically.
5) Write Down Your Goals Review your written goals on a consistent
basis. Visualize what you are going to do next when you succeed your
online business one day ... I can assure you, dreams do come true.
As you know, without a written goal, you will never know what you
are going to do next; or what your future will be.
6) Think Of This Business As Long-Term As the sayings goes "Rome
is not built in one day". In order to be successful in a home internet
business, you must think of this business as a long-term investment.
Think about it, how many online business have you seen that really
"Make money" overnight? I can safely say, definitely, not many.
So, think of it long-term.
Author Resource:- Carol Oon is an internet marketer who writes
articles on Affiliate Marketing strategies. For more tips and free
resources, you can visit her blog at
Please feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you
include this resource box.

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