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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Read This Unless You Need Money

By : Rich Roberts

Okay. You join a network marketing business. You've got your company replicated website and it looks great. It has flash movies and has tons of bells and whistles. It even has a girl that walks across the screen and starts talking to you. You have auto responders, you have a dynamite back office, you have everything you need to get the ball rolling your business. So what's the problem here? The problem is you're about to make the same mistake 95% of marketers out theremake. You're going to place all your hopes and dreams of Internet millions on a webpage that says absolutely nothing about who you are as a person and whatmembers can expect from you as a sponsor. And that's why like 95% of marketers out there, you're going to be hemorrhaging money in a very short period of time. Lead capture pages are a lot like cookies; the best ones are made from scratch. The problem with using a cookie cutter lead capture page, is that it's just like everybody else's. It doesn't tell your story, people can't see your face. Your viewers need to feel a connection with you. They are far more likely to buy your product if the feel like they are doing business with a friend. When you don't tell a little about yourself and at least put a picture up.
Your prospects are going to think you're hiding something! When you join a network marketing company, don't fall into the trap of believing that your product is the only product out there. People are not just buying your product, they are buying YOU. People want a sponsor who can provide them the support and training necessary to make a profit quickly. People are not going to join your team because your company has the greatest product. They are going to join your team because of you and what you can do for them. Again, they need to feel a connection with you. The key to success in network marketing is developing a strong leadership brand. The key to having a strong leadership brand is your lead capture page. After all,the success of your collective marketing efforts lie in your pages ability to effectively communicate that your business is the business to join, and you're the sponsor that can help the Average Joe learn the ropes. The good news is that there are systems with marketing tools in place that will allow you to brand yourself as a leader right away. Do your research. Don't buy in to the first affiliate program you run across. Some are much better than others. Take the time to check out at least 8-10 programs. Ask questions. The legitimate programs will be very helpful. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paypal Lesson

Just want to share with you all about paypal lesson.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Start to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

By : John Hartley

It is a bit of cliche to say that you can make money online with affiliate marketing, but you can. But the question is: 'Will you?' That is not meant unkindly, but to make money this way you need to be determined to do so, and to follow a plan. Then you need to find the products or services that will help you do it. Are you determined enough or desperate enough? Let's start with the beginning. How determined are you? Or how desperate are you? If it just seems a good way of getting extra cash for a holiday or something, chances are you won't stick to a program. If you've lost your job, and want to be independent of jobs, bosses and getting fired, your attitude will be different. Also, if you are broke. If you really want to make money online with affiliate marketing, the first job is to get a piece of paper and write on it why you want to do this. Then write down your goal three years down the road. Then, work backwards, putting down what you need to be earning at the end of the the second year, the end of the first year, and in six months time. Then work back till you know what you need to do this month. Don't expect to earn anything in the first month, as there is too much ground work to be done, such as finding out what affiliate marketing is, how you do it, and what you need to be able to do it successfully. What must I do today to make this work? At this stage you will not know what you need to do in detail, but you should end up with: 'What must I do today to make this work?' Maybe you only have one hour today, so what is the one thing that must be done? It could be to brainstorm what markets you will enter as an affiliate. These need to be markets where there is a lot going on, plenty of products, plenty of buyer. But not much competition, which means it will be a small niche in that market. That's the start. One way of doing it would be to go to amazon and look up the latest non-fiction books in the best sellers category to see what they are about. This is a good way of finding a market. Another is to go into town and look at the magazine racks. If there are plenty of magazines on one subject, that's a market. Note how each one targets a niche in that market. After that you will want to find some products that really fit into that market. Then, you will be looking at keywords and key phrases to see how to promote these products. By this time you will need to learn about affiliate marketing. There are plenty of programs and e-books out there, but start out studying some free reports, which will help you see which way to go. But each day remember to say: 'What must I do today to make this work'?
Author Resource:- For free reports and information about the best affiliate marketing tools and programs go to, John's blog.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

By : Todd Ash

Marketing is about personally investment and firm commitment to do whatever it takes to make the affiliates websites work. There are many everyday jobs that are boring and routine, but need to be done. Marketing is digit of the fastest, easiest structure to intend started with making money online. This is also popular, because it can be started in your constituent time, and sometimes (though I don't propose it) you can attain money without modify having your possess website. Affiliate visits the site through your affiliate link, he reads the sales copy and is impressed but the price $97 is quite an obstacle. He sees an ?earn money now? link and clicks as he has been searching for this information all day. A.M. is becoming an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. This won't be news to most readers, however for this reason it is crucial to perform effective and thorough keyword research and affiliate product testing. Clickbank is such an attractive proposition for affiliates to use. They know they are going to get paid twice per month and on clockwork every time. Clickbank affiliates earn by endorsing digital products to their sites and they will receive a 50 percent commission for each sale that you will be able to make. Clickbank now provides you with the names and email addresses of the people that have purchased a clickbank product from you whether you're the owner of the product sold or an affiliate. Any business owner knows that it's much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is a new one. Clickbank affiliates earn by endorsing digital products their sites and they will receive a 50 percent commission for each sale will be able make. There also instances wherein affiliates not directly connected Clickbank, but rather another affiliate marketing programs (such as Google AdSense). ClickBank has an awful interface for trying to find relevant products to promote. Theres no search function, so you just have to page through hundreds of products looking for something interesting. Commission Junction is another excellent source for affiliate products and services. Commissions by Paypal are paid on the 15th of each month for the sales generated during the previous "calendar month". For example, on February 15th commissions are paid for sales generated within January. ClickBank is a trusted third party affiliate management company, so you can be 100% confident that you will receive your commission for every sale that you make. ClickBank is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital products. ClickBank stays in business by charging you $50 for every five products that you upload on the site. They also charge a 1% charge per transaction and also a small fee to process your checks. Clickbank (CB) now provides more information for affiliates who are promoting CB products. The products used to be ranked by the total sales made.
Author Resource:- Todd Ash Is An Entrepreneur and A Master Of Network Marketing.To Find Out More About Succeeding Online Click Here To Visit For Free Information

Adsense Tutorial

Here are some video tips for adsense strategies...enjoy it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 Common Affiliate Mistakes

By : Ryan Smith

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most lucrative means to make money that is online today. Yet there are myths surrounding this that have confused, confounded, and completely discouraged people from trying. For some odd reason, people assume that once they start into a given affiliate program, they will be rolling in cash in just a few weeks or so, if not overnight.

It is misconceptions like this that cause people to become disillusioned and give up.

Truthfully, affiliate marketing can be financially rewarding. There are those who have gone the distance to live the kind of lives they otherwise would not have been able to. But then, there are many others who have failed miserably and cannot understand why.

Those that succeeded, reaped the rewards from seeds planted by the thousands. In other words, they promoted ceaselessly and at every opportunity. They used many and various means to get the word out about their product. Plus, they stayed within the limits of their program's rules regarding advertising.

Those that failed may have thought that the rewards would come easily. They believed that all they had to do was join and the money would come rolling in. They, somehow, got the idea that there was no work involved. This misconception alone has hurt a lot of people. Like any business, it requires a lot of work to get any affiliate business started, and even more to reach the goals that they may be dreaming of.

To dispel some of the myths and gloom regarding this lucrative market let's take a look at the 4 most common myths and their respective truths. It is also important to recognize that there are do's and don't's regarding affiliate marketing that must be adhered to at all times.

The first is that it takes advertising and lots of it to promote any affiliate program. Probably the first and best place to start is promoting to the search engines. This involves two things; being search engine optimized and having original content. This knowledge alone can mean all the difference in a good website and one destined to fail. Another point here is to always use what is known as "white hat" tactics in your search engine marketing.

Other tactics, known as "black hat" tactics work. But, when the search engines catch up with you, they will punish you severely with search engine penalties up to and including blacklisting. When that happens, it will spell the end of your site.

The second mistake involves overfilling websites with banners without any corresponding information. To the site's visitors this can be both a distraction and source of great confusion. To avoid this, one must give detailed information regarding each banner so that his potential customers can make informed decisions regarding each product.

The third mistake is that the marketer promotes only one product. The mistake here is that it leaves the potential customer with no other choices. A good rule here is to provide some variety by adding other services.

The fourth mistake is exactly the opposite of the third. By giving the customer too many choices, it becomes confusing and often times the customer makes no choices at all. They are simply overwhelmed. The best approach here is to choose the best products available. In this way, you leave it up to the customer to decide which is the best choice.

Ultimately, it is the affiliate's responsibilty to understand the rules in this industry. Success or failure is determined by how well they understand them and how to use them to their best advantage.
Author Resource:- RP Smith is the owner of the website

Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Here are the solutions for the problems:

Inside this e-book you will learn:
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tips - Aggressive Internet Marketing

By : Lara Crevena

Aggressive internet marketing means full-blown marketing and
promotions that exceed any businessman's expectations. A
business needs fierce internet marketing. No more, no less. But
to make it low cost? Is that even possible? How can something so
aggressive be affordable? Fortunately, you can enjoy cheap aggressive
internet marketing, if you just look hard and fair. Being bright and
alert and know what's happening in the online industry. The following
questions will help you discern whether your website decided to make
marketing fits the bill. Does the company designing websites offering
free? Even if you know HTML, it is even more advisable if a professional
team does it for you. Some Internet sites offer free website design to
ensure that your site needs are met. It is a market that should be
integrated with the web design. If the company requires you to pay
more than fifty dollars for the web design, long after straight-forward
internet marketing! Go somewhere else! How many keywords in your
website to respond? Having too many keywords or key phrases to
focus on your page ranking will drop. Creating small web pages with
content that focuses on just a few keywords used best to Internet
marketing. How search engine-compatible is your website? Internet
marketing is coined "aggressive" only if it is a hundred percent search
engine-compatible. There are about 10 major search engines online
and your site has to work accordingly with them. Find out if your
internet marketing site is expert on search engine optimization.
Do you know your competitors? Affordable Internet aggressive
marketing pushes forward its business noting its competitors.
Analysis and evaluation of competition is required to figure their
shortcomings and advantages over them. If this function is excluded
from its marketing plan on the Internet, which is getting a poor deal.
How effective is the monthly marketing plan? Usually, you are asked
to pay a monthly fee for the marketing plan. For a marketing plan to
be effective, it must primarily on the following: development of the
web page, link exchanges, web content, updates and technical support.
Of course, also included are the standard SEO, competitive analysis and
density of keywords.

Hello, Are You A "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer? Here's 6 Simple Steps Not To Be One

By : Carol Oon

When I just started my home business few years ago, I was
always very distracted and impatient. Yes, I was desperately
impatient to quickly get my internet business to work. I must
admit I was then a "Yo-Yo" Internet Marketer. I would be very
excited on one particular program and would spend at least 1-2
months trying to make it work. I realised that I would get very
distracted because I would read lots of my incoming emails
promising "overnight" get-rich programs. Needless to say, I
would "jump" from one "fantastic" program to another "awesome"
program. This will go on for at least 6 months to 1 year. Sad to say,
I would find myself with at least 10 "wonderful" programs ... but
then I would not know how to promote them all at the same time
because they were too many to promote ... In the end, I would
feel frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned. Actually, I've failed
so many times. To other people, I was "nuts" to start a "home
business" that promises overnight riches. But then again, I didn't
give up... You shouldn't give up too. My advice is, be persistent in
your "home business" as you know that at the end of the DARK
tunnel, there is LIGHT! So, how then can you stop being a "Yo-Yo"
Internet Marketer? I have some pointers below from my personal
experience which can help you not to be one.
1) Be very focussed.
This is easily said than done. But you need to stick as a glue with just
one of your program or product at a time. This will then help you to
be able to focus all your energy and time to promote this particular
2) Set-Up A Daily To-Do List This is important but is often
overlooked by most internet marketers. You should spend your first
few hours at the start of your day just solely on promoting your affiliate
program or product. Once you finish doing your "advertising" work,
then you can take your time to read your incoming emails.
3) Have A Must Do Attitude Tell yourself you Must Do or make this
online business work irregardless of your circumstances or situations,
instead of saying that "if I can find the time and energy, I will try
to make this home business work". Failure is not an option here.
4) Daily Action Required You need discipline in this. On a daily basis,
do something which will propel you closer to making your internet
dreams come true. Otherwise, you will just remain as passive
dreamers. Be brave, be creative and tell others how this program or
online business has changed your life dramatically.
5) Write Down Your Goals Review your written goals on a consistent
basis. Visualize what you are going to do next when you succeed your
online business one day ... I can assure you, dreams do come true.
As you know, without a written goal, you will never know what you
are going to do next; or what your future will be.
6) Think Of This Business As Long-Term As the sayings goes "Rome
is not built in one day". In order to be successful in a home internet
business, you must think of this business as a long-term investment.
Think about it, how many online business have you seen that really
"Make money" overnight? I can safely say, definitely, not many.
So, think of it long-term.
Author Resource:- Carol Oon is an internet marketer who writes
articles on Affiliate Marketing strategies. For more tips and free
resources, you can visit her blog at
Please feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you
include this resource box.
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