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Thursday, June 5, 2008

How To Build And Market A Small Niche Affiliate Website

Your niche affiliate website is to provide and develop consumer oriented information specifically for those who are interested in website building and affiliate marketing information. It provides information, from a buyers prospective, that can help them make the right choices when it comes to building their own niche.

In order to be found and ranked as a top producer affiliate marketers with website niche based interests also need to know how to please search engines. Therefore their content will have to pull a double shift. It has to help you rank well with search engines and be found and used by your target audience.

The two basic components you need to know to do this are:

1. Buyer-centric information articles
2. Products for them to buy

Your website should be split almost unevenly between these two components. You should place more emphasis on your information than what you sell. There are two main reasons for this:

1. The information you provide helps your buyers to know like and trust you and your products. 2. The information provides search engines the information they need to correctly catalog your website for your buyers to find.

You have the control over the website and you make the final decision. However, simplicity sells. You should just use information and products.

Product pages are usually provided for you with easy to change templates customizable to match your design. Simply create a page about each product. If you use affiliate companies they usually do this part for you. Simplicity is best here too. Give the buyer just enough information to make a choice to buy it, chances are is they got to your page, they are presold anyway. Sometimes the best way to set up the buyer pages is so that when the buyer clicks on the affiliate website they are taken directly to the affiliate website to continue their purchase to pick up their free sample.

Your informational pages should require a bit more work than that. You should angle the information on each of your pages for one piece of supporting information about your products. This will help your visitors decide whether or not to buy. You need articles, product reviews, and product or market comparisons in order to effectively sell your products and ideas. You will soon learn what really works to drive specific and presold customers to your website. After all, they came to your website because the search engine told them it was a good place to buy; therefore, they are already looking for what you have to offer. Now you just need to tell them why they made the right choice in coming to you.

For example: Say we have five different weight loss supplements. Then you should have five pages of product descriptions and maybe ten pages comparing other products to what you market. These can be anything from side-by side reviews, tell sheets, sell sheets, mini brochures, experiences, or subject related topics such as how to effectively use the product. Following the above advice will provide your buyers with the information and web links they need to make the choice to buy from you. You have fulfilled their needs in providing rich information about the products and the ability to make the purchase right away.

Content That Pays Off With Your Affiliate Marketing

To effectively market your affiliate accounts you need to put effort into your website content. Refreshing this content often can help you achieve even better results than one time efforts. To do this you simply need to update the archives, add more resources with new information, and update the current information pages.

In addition to adding content, you should definitely tweak and change the content you have on your page. This content should reflect changes in the products and changes in the market. Sometimes the smallest change can product amazing results. If you can spend the time you normally would on blogging to really work with your web traffic and conversion, it will pay off in the long run.

Next you need to focus on building your master site. While blogs can create minimal returns, if you get started right away on a market dominating catch-all website you can build even more traffic

You And Your Many Articles

You should not use all your articles at one time. All those articles you buy from freelance writers or that you pour over yourself can be kept for later uses. Put your primary article on your site and then use the secondary articles to help you add new content periodically to keep your old customers happy and keep the search engines at your websites door. You can submit others to article submission data bases and other link back sites. You can also use widgets to create these link backs.

Using Subscriber And Mailing Lists

Please be aware that these are to be taken seriously. They do not work for all types of websites or products. And if not used carefully they can lead to trouble. Another thing to keep in mind is that a squeeze page is not needed for everyone. Sometimes they can work in your favor, sometimes they can send your traffic packing to find better website content.

You still can make good use of subscriber lists. You just need to use a product that can utilize that type of sales. Emailing lists mean more work in the long run since you will be spending more time crafting emails and newsletters to try and sell your audience.

Social Marketing

Web 2.0 is being driven by social marketing. You can utilize this tool to your advantage not by building your own blog, but by contributing to the blogs of others. By spending your time of the blogs of those you have captured your target audience you can build an audience for yourself. Becoming a contributor of a community which follows your niche market can become a great advantage for you and your website. You can do this by capturing attention of people through your wit and you can provide them with links to your website or profile pages. Profile pages on MySpace, blogger, Squidoo, niche oriented forums, and other social places you might find your targeted audience.

Social marketing can bring your product to your audience. If you have a great site you can spend all your time there or on your blog and wait for them to come to you, or you can go out and be seen on the social scene. By finding and audience that is already tailored to your desired market you can take the active approach in your marketing. You may learn a few things along the way that can help your website out, you can make great friends, and you can brand yourself as someone knowledgeable in your markets.

The next big thing is learning how to handle search engines and optimizing your website so that they become your biggest fans. This is crucial to getting your content driven website into the light so your presold traffic can find it.

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