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Friday, July 18, 2008

15 Reasons Why Most People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a funny old game. Many try it out, many fail, some succeed. So what’s the difference between the people that succeed & those that fail?

- Not doing product research properly & picking saturated markets
- Not choosing the right Affiliate Programs
- Not throwing enough money into the Adwords Campaign
- Not being original enough
- Concentrating on only one market instead of several
- Linking Directly to Advertisers instead of having Squeeze Pages
- Not Testing more than One Adwords Creative
- Picking too many general keywords in Adwords
- Not setting up Niche Groups in Adwords
- Not calculating a maximum CPA for the product you’re promoting
- Targeting the wrong market
- Not using Microsoft Adcenter
- Not Cloaking your Affiliate Links
- Not asking for the Business
- Not doing Competitor Research

So, what's your opinion?

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